True Aveda Salon




connecting beauty,
and well-being


Aveda finds its roots in Ayurveda, an ancient
philosophy based on the interconnectedness
of everything. Inspired by the belief that health
and wellness depend on a delicate balance
between the mind, body, and spirit, we
consider the effects of our products not only
on hair or skin, but on mind and body.

In keeping with Ayurvedic principles—and
because of our concern for the Earth—Aveda
is committed to using organic ingredients.

At True Salons and Spas we strive to live
the Aveda mission while providing a superior
guest experience in a modern, luxurious
setting. Enter True Salons and Spas, and remove
yourself from the stress of everyday life. From
our modern Shampoo stations equipped with
Shiatsu massage to our professional and engaging staff,
our space has been designed to offer our
guests a soothing retreat where they can rejuvenate
body and mind.


4165 S. GRAND CANYON DR. STE 104   |   702.364.8783   |  10550 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS PKWY STE. 150